Bodegas Mocén, a Castilian winery located in the town centre of Rueda, was acquired in 1988, which is when the restoration work for the rehabilitation of the old underground galleries was begun. These galleries date from the 15th and 16th centuries and are therefore over five hundred years old. It marked the beginning of an original project in the area, with the recuperation, cleaning and arching of the stones and red brick symbols of a Mudejar heritage in a maze of caves at a depth of 25 metres, and an overall length of 4 kilometres.

These galleries, where the temperature and humidity are constant throughout the year, constitute the ideal setting for the wine to undergo its period of rest. For this, small niches, iron grilles or bottle racks have been made, offering detailed good taste and atmosphere for those who walk through. Mocén has also old vats of Spanish chesnut, which were used as large-size conservation vats, and which are now true relics from the past.